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Angle Captive Screw
  • Innovative angled fastening function
  • Designed for flexible angle installing directions
  • Offers diverse locking angles for chassis designs
  • Fast positioning tool-less design increases operating convenience
  • Ejector Handle-Captive Screw type
    • lever structure, easy to operate, energy saving.
    • Lever structure easily boost to lift and eject heavy chassis.
    • Handle design size and length can be customized.
    • Captive Screw is an optional locking function.
    Latch Plunger
    • Efficient performance  in assembly, decomposition, and repair.
    • Forms one-piece with main structure.
    • Hand pull could achieve the positioning.
    Company Video

    Angle Captive Screw

    Ejector Handle-Captive Screw type

    Pinpoint Quarter-turn (wing Type)
    SSD M.2 Card Clipper
    SSD M.2 Card Clipper
    Ejector Handle-captive series
    Bat_Quarter Turn
    1/4 Quarter Turn Captive Fastener Application
    Captive Fastener
    SMT Process-Captive Screw
    Application Solution
    Rotate Ejector
    Rotate Ejector
    Panel Latch
    Panel Latch
    Slide Roller
    Slide Plunger Application
    Slide Plunger
    SMT Series
    The SMT Solution for captive screw used on printed circuit board (PCB) enables a captive screw to be easily and accurately assembled to a PCB without deviation and skew.
    Retractive Handle Series
    All in one piece design without use of traditional screws; A new tool-less concept design allows Retractive Handle proper mounted onto any facepanels of any racks or cabinets.
    Plastic Series
    Design for hand operation , color management for plastic material is available as required by customers.

    Sheet metal and plastic panel